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Vehicle Insurance

Just like in the UK, vehicle insurance in Spain is mandatory. This includes cars, mopeds, and boats. There are many types of cover offered by a multitude of companies in Spain, but finding the best one which offers the best rates can be a hassle.

We can help you with our comparison service, and quickly find the best company for your requirements, whether you wish to insure a single moped or a range of vehicles used by the whole family.

Health Insurance

If you are working in Spain, whether for a company or self-employed, you will be paying into the system and therefore entitled to state healthcare. However, if you are in another situation, such as retired or only spending part of the year in Spain, you may need additional insurance.

We can advise you on different types of coverage, compare policies across several companies, and translate any documents you may find confusing.

Home Insurance

If you take out a mortgage with a Spanish bank they will likely insist that you have an insurance policy which at least covers the structure of the building and permanent fixtures. This type of insurance usually costs around €130 a year, however, depending on your assets, you may want to take out contents insurance as well. We can advise on the best companies for home insurance and compare rates for the coverage you require. We recommend our clients to take out home insurance because so many things can go wrong and frequently do, and coverage is relatively cheap. Types of mishaps include severe winter weather damage, accidental mishaps, vandalism, burst pipes, etc.

We can also inform you on dental insurance, insurance for pets, life and funeral coverage. So get in touch, and we will make recommendations or contract insurances on your behalf.

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