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The Valencian Community Enters Phase 2 Of De-escalation: What We Can and Can’t Do

With the Valencian community entering phase 2 of de-escalation today on Monday the 1st of June, several restrictions are lifted or relaxed. These include the end of exercise slots, which is a great relief for a large part of the population. However, phase 2 exercise slots continue for over 70s and vulnerable people, who shall keep the slots of 10.00 to 12.00 hours and from 19.00 to 20.00 hours. Other citizens are asked to respect this rule and schedule their exercise at different times during the day.

As well as the end of exercise slots, the following changes apply:

  • Bars and restaurants open to 40% of their capacity for table service both inside and out, as long as the 2 metre safety distance is maintained. Ordering or standing at the bar is not permitted.
  • Large shopping centres open to 40% of their usual capacity to ensure social distancing. Over 65s are to be given a specific time to visit. Recreational areas will remain closed.
  • Beaches open, as long as a safe distance is maintained between groups of people. Hours of access will be determined by each municipality. Recreational pools can open to 30% of their capacity.
  • In-person classes begin in schools, except at universities. Each autonomous community will decide when schools, institutes, and nurseries will open.
  • Active and nature tourism activities are allowed in groups of up to 20 people.
  • All shops and services open, regardless of their surface area.
  • Indoor sports centres and pools open up to 30% of capacity.
  • Visits to senior residences, disabled centres, and sheltered housing are permitted under each autonomous community’s conditions.
  • Cinemas, theatres and the like open, including their complementary services as coffee shops, although up to only a third of capacity.
  • Meetings of up to 15 people are allowed, who can go for a walk together regardless of whether or not they live together and without the limit of one adult for every three minors.
  • Weddings of up to 50 people can be held in enclosed places and up to 100 in open spaces.
  • Places of worship open up to half of their capacity.
  • Groups of up to 15 people can do outdoor sports in which there is no contact, such as cycling or running, for example.
  • Libraries open for reading and computer use with a maximum of 30% of their capacity.
  • Wakes may take place with up to 15 people in enclosed areas and up to 25 in open places.
  • Work meetings and conferences may take place, with up to 50 attendees.
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