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Over the last few years, there has been a tendency to build a more modern style of villa in the area, with clean lines; minimalist and angular design.

If that’s what you are looking for, we have a great choice for you to consider, but if you are in favour of the more traditional Spanish villa, then no problem, we have plenty of resale villas on offer at prices to suit all budgets.

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Types of Javea villas

Owning a villa in Spain is a common dream of many Brits looking to escape the dreary UK weather and seek a better quality of life. When buying a villa in Javea, you have two main choices. You can buy a brand-new construction or a resale home. For the most part, villas in Javea are traditional Spanish style, but in recent years the demand for “Ibiza style” modern villas has increased.

With a traditional Spanish villa, you will usually get a property contained on a single level. In past decades, villas were built with smallish windows protected by wrought iron bars, which help keep the interior cool and secure. This style of villa is a popular choice for those who enjoy a traditional environment.

In more recent times, modern technology in glass manufacturing allows for large sun-reflective secure windows. Contemporary Ibiza style villas combine the villa’s indoor and outdoor spaces with vast spacious rooms, minimalistic finishes, and clean lines.

Costs associated with buying a villa

Whether you opt for a villa or an apartment there are additional costs to pay above the purchase price, which include VAT (for a new build) or transfer tax (for a resale home), notary fees, lawyer costs, and charges associated with obtaining a mortgage, among others. As with an apartment, you should factor in around 12% to 15% of the purchase price for taxes and additional costs.

The community of owners

If you buy a villa which is part of an urbanisation, just like if you buy an apartment in a block of flats, on purchasing you become a member of the community of owners. Every community has a president and is managed by an “administración de fincas” or a property management company. The administration supervises the running of the urbanisation and collects community fees from each villa owner.

Each urbanisation has a set of rules that as an owner, you are expected to follow. In a villa, you have much more freedom concerning your home’s exterior decor than if you live in an apartment, but there may be rules about the colour of paint used for the facade, or trees overhanging fences, etc. If the urbanisation has a communal pool, there are likely to be time restrictions for its use in place.

To change or introduce a rule or community feature, owners can make suggestions at the community’s annual meeting, and community members will vote. If any person owns more than one villa on the urbanisation, they will have a corresponding number of votes.

Owners on urbanisations must pay community fees that are spent on its upkeep. It is imperative to make regular community payments as when it comes to selling, you need to show a certificate stating your fees are paid to date. Furthermore, if fees remain unpaid for several years, the property can be auctioned to settle the debt. Generally speaking, well-kept urbanisations with communal facilities or security staff will have more expensive fees than urbanisations without bells and whistles. Before committing to buying a villa, make sure you know how much the community fees are so there are no unwanted surprises further down the line.

Villa Pros and cons

While some people prefer apartment life, there are many advantages to living in a villa; the most obvious being the space available to you. Detached villas on urbanisations nearly always have a private garden, so younger members of the family can play outside, and there is plenty of space for pets and vehicles.

Villas offer much more privacy than an apartment, especially those on a large plot. Furthermore, because villas are often built on the outskirts of towns, there is less air and noise pollution compared to an apartment in a busy town centre.

On the downside, you might find yourself needing to drive more often. Another important consideration is If you go away for extended periods, it is advisable to ask a friend or property management company to keep an eye on a villa for security and maintenance reasons.

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