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spanish-property-guideSince the Spanish property market crash in 2008, there have been quite a few modifications in the legalities concerning property purchases in Spain. Before you make a legal or financial commitment, it is vital you know the procedure.

The Spanish government has made moves to make the property market and its services attractive for overseas buyers, but there are possible problem areas that anyone wanting to buy a property should know.

Download our guide to discover what buying a property in Spain involves.

You will find:

  • Concise advice on what to keep an eye out for when choosing a property.
  • Financial and budgeting tips based on the fees involved when buying a home in Spain
  • Information about the potential risks and ‘red-flags’ to avoid at all costs
  • Legalities that you are obligated by law to complete at each stage of the purchase process and the costs
  • Financial advice based on 30 years of experience buying and selling property in Spain – currency conversion, bank transfer fees etc.
  • Ideas on how to create a high-quality lifestyle in your new town.
  • Tips on looking after the property when you are away.
  • Up to date news on property and healthcare insurance.

The guide is written by a British expatriate who has worked within the Spanish property sector for nearly 30 years.

Having ‘been there and done that’ you can be certain that the advice contained within is relevant to those thinking about making the move. Don’t do it the hard way – meaning don’t learn from your own potential mistakes!

The guide takes you through each stage of buying in Spain, from finding, buying to managing the property, and it’s free! Fill out the form now, and you’ll get it as an instant download.

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