Javea Property Maintenance

Maintaining your Javea property is of utmost importance if you are renting it out, and advisable if you intend to use it yourself. If you have recently bought, and will be out of the country or if you are not sure how to find good contractors we can help you with our property maintenance services.

We work with a number of skilled professionals to maintain your home in top condition, or we can arrange contractors who specialise in property reforms.

Services Include:

• Solar panel, aircon, and central heating installation
• Swimming pool installation
• Swimming pool and aircon maintenance
• Installation of a new kitchen or bathroom
• Upgrades to plumbing
• Regular garden maintenance or one-off landscaping
• Installation of security shutters, remote control gates and/or aluminium windows
• General regular cleaning or one-off cleaning of both interiors and exteriors

Property Inspection Services

Leaving your property empty for extended periods is not a good idea due to the issues of squatters and burglars. We can offer you peace when you are away with our property inspection services.

Our staff will visit your property on a regular basis to make sure there are no gas leaks or burst pipes, that any power that should be on is on, and there are no signs of attempted entry.

We can also clean and maintain the property while you are absent so on your return everything is in pristine condition.

Contact us today if you need help with maintaining a property, reforming a resale home, or regular inspection services.

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