Land and Plots For Sale in Javea

Are you considering designing and building your own dream home in Javea? If so, we have a comprehensive offering of plots for sale in Javea and the surrounding areas. Before the sale of land, we obtain full certification and building permissions. We can furthermore provide architect and building services if required.

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Types of Javea Plots

Spanish law, customs, and business systems are often different from Northern Europe. So before buying land, you need to obtain objective professional advice by hiring a skilled lawyer who will ask the right questions and advise you accordingly.

Spain has two types of land: “Urbano”, which is usually earmarked for development, and “Rustico”, which is not. However, you might find an urban plot in a rural area – near a village, for example, which the planning department has deemed suitable for development. Likewise, you might find a rustic plot next to a built-up area without planning permission. It is a somewhat grey area.

Rustic land is usually, by interpretation, not for construction. However, under distinct circumstances, authorities may grant a building license in these areas. Leniency on such matters will vary from region to region; for example, it might be possible in some districts to build on a very small percentage of the land, meaning you would have to buy a vast plot to have a small construction. Or perhaps permission for agricultural buildings may be granted. Do not even consider buying rustic land to build on without consulting a reputable local lawyer, who will negotiate with the town planning department on your behalf.

Also, be aware that for rustic land, you must have the regional and local authorities’ approval. Getting authorization from both parties involves a lot of paperwork and red tape, and if you can find a plot of urban land that suits your needs, you will save a lot of time on bureaucratic issues.

Even if you are buying urban land to build on or are buying an old building to restore, your lawyer or estate agent must determine whether the planning permissions are in place or will be granted before you buy.

Costs associated with buying a plot

When buying a plot to build on, the first rule is to make sure you do not pay more than the area’s going rate.

To ensure you do not get charged over the odds, do an online search to find all the similar plots in the area. Note down the total square metres and the price to determine the average cost per square metre. Adjust for what you might realistically pay after negotiations compared with the initial asking price. Also, factor in any special features, such as fabulous open views, installed mains utilities, south-facing orientation, etc. Remember, a flat building plot is likely to cost significantly more than a plot of a similar size with a steep slope. This research will give you a good idea of the value of land in the area.

The costs of buying a Spanish plot of land are similar to the additional charges you pay when purchasing a residential apartment, villa, or commercial property. There is the actual purchase price of the plot, and extra charges will be added depending on whether you are a cash buyer or applying for a mortgage.

You will need to pay for surveys on the land to ensure it is suitable for the new build villa or townhouse you wish to construct. You should generally have 10-18% of the purchase price budgeted to cover all taxes and fees.

The land cost usually signifies as much as 50% of the cost of building a new home in Spain, although, in some areas, you can buy a cheap plot and build a larger and higher-quality home for less than the price of a resale property.

About building your own Javea house

Building your own home is an exciting project that allows you to design every property element yourself and make sure the quality of materials and craftsmanship are top-rate. Construction costs range from approximately €700 to €1,500 (or more) per square metre. The price depends on the location and the quality of the build.

Nevertheless, you should always add 10 to 15% to the estimated price. Unforeseen circumstances almost always impact the cost of building a house or rural finca.

If you want a swimming pool or a garage, it’s wise to have it built at the same time as the dwelling when you will pay 7% IVA. If you wait and make additions later, you’ll pay 16%.

When looking for an architect and builder, getting references from local people you can trust, e.g., a bank manager, lawyer, estate agent, or neighbours and friends is best. You can also obtain helpful information from property owners in an area you like. Be aware some people will recommend friends, so get as many opinions as possible.

Many Spanish architects speak English, and there are architects from other EU member states based in large cities and resort areas.

Architects’ fees are customarily assessed as a percentage of the build’s total costs, normally between 5% and 10%.

A good architect can recommend reliable builders, but you should also do your research. The financial standing and reputation of the builder are essential for successful completion. Be wary of an architect with his own builder (or a builder with a dedicated architect), as the architect has to make sure the builder does his job according to the plans and specs, so you don’t want them to be over-friendly.

Inspect other work of the builder and ask the owners if they are satisfied.

A builder must present a ‘termination’ guarantee (backed by insurance) so you are covered if he were to go bust before completing the work.


Before signing any deal, you should obtain written quotes (presupuestos) from several builders.

The contract must state a complete building description (memoria de calidades) and note the building materials referring to the architect’s plans.

The document should:

  • State the building’s precise location on the plot
  • Disclose the construction and payment plan that will be made in steps according to progress
  • Include a penalty clause for late completion, although this part may prove difficult as real estate construction is rarely finished on time.

Before accepting a quote, have it reviewed by a building consultant to verify that it is a good deal. You should investigate whether the price (including 7% VAT) is an estimation or a set price. The cost can often fluctuate significantly due to unforeseen changes required during building work. It is important to have the contract checked by your lawyer.


In Spain, a builder needs to guarantee his work against structural flaws for ten years (15 years if he does not comply with the conditions of the contract). For ten years, the architect is also liable for errors due to poor direction, if they gave inaccurate instructions to the builder, etc. It is not unusual to experience problems during construction, but these should be ironed out before completion.

If you have problems after completion, you must be very patient and persistent. You should have the completed construction reviewed by a structural surveyor and a report drawn up to state who is responsible for the defects.

Buying land pros and cons

Topography and geology issues can significantly affect the usefulness and value of a plot.


Building a house on a steep slope costs considerably more than a level plot. You will have to dig a platform with expensive retaining walls, build the property away from the hillside on stilts, or put up with a building on several levels. Unfortunately, the plots with the best views are also frequently sloped.

Before an architect can design your new home, he will need a thorough topographical survey. However, he can give you an idea of what type of home would be most practical to build after a visual examination of the land.


Geology is a science regarding the solid earth of an area of land, the rocks which form it, and the processes which can change the composition over time. The geology can only be revealed correctly with a geotechnical survey, which is a necessity to obtain a building license.

If an area has become unstable, it will frequently be obvious by cracks in nearby existing properties.

geological survey involves drilling into the ground for soil samples. Analysing the samples and generating a report can take a few weeks. Sometimes, land is borderline suspect, and further testing may be required. A geological survey is a technical job with significant legal and professional liabilities. The geological survey is an important part of land-buying, so you need an excellent geological surveyor.

Another disadvantage of buying a plot is the amount of planning and time involved before you have a house you can inhabit. The upside is that your eventual home will be just as you dreamed.

Plots in Javea

We have dozens of plots for sale in Javea, many of them flat with building permission already granted. Popular areas include the Montgo. The Montgo is a sought-after location where residents enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Montgo Mountain. This urbanisation is a quiet residential area, surrounded by greenery and luxury villas.

Other popular areas of Javea where you can buy land and build a modern villa exactly as you want it, include the urbanisations of Cap Marti, Costa Nova, La Granadella, Balcon al Mar, and Tosalet.

We can also offer you building plots with Mediterranean sea views located close to amenities, on urbanizations close to the Arenal. If you are more interested in the surrounding areas of Xabia, we have bargain plots available in Moraira, Benitachell, Denia, and Benissa.