Javea Real Estate: Explore the Different Areas of Javea

Like most towns in the UK, there are distinct areas within each town or city in Spain. Although one part of the town may just be a 10 minute walk from another, the areas and living experience will be considerably different. In this post, we look at some of the areas of Javea.

Javea has three principal areas: the port, the old town, and the Arenal, the main beach area. Properties for sale in these areas consist primarily of apartments.

The Arenal

The Arenal is a prevalent choice for foreigners moving to Javea, as you have the beautiful sandy Arenal beach, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and all other amenities on your doorstep.

It is a perfect spot for about ten months of the year. However, it can get loud, crowded with traffic congestion during July and August. The noise and congestion have increased substantially during the summer of 2021, with an unusual surge in the number of groups of under-25s visiting the town. Therefore, if peace and quiet are important to you, you might prefer another part of Javea. There is plenty more to choose from!

apartment in javea Arenal
Apartment For Sale on The Arenal

The Old Town

Approximately three kilometres from the Arenal beach, you’ll find the old town of Javea. This part of the town features plenty of sizeable plain apartment blocks, along with attractive whitewashed townhouses.

The old town is Javea’s town centre, and if buying in this part of Javea, you can expect the majority of your neighbours to be Spanish. Historic Javea is more traditionally Spanish than many other popular beach resorts on the Costa Blanca, such as Benidorm or Torrevieja.

Javea’s old town has some charming narrow streets to explore and a large selection of bars, restaurants, and small local shops.

Like the Arenal, if you buy a Javea real estate in the old town, you will have all amenities on your doorstep, but it lacks the vibrancy of the beach area. However, it could be perfect for you if you prefer a quieter life in a more traditional Spanish setting.

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Townhouse For Sale in The Old Town

Javea Port

An excellent compromise between the Arenal beach area and Javea’s old town is the port area. The port is located between the Arenal and the old town. There is a pebble beach by the port, and like the Arenal, it is a lively area but attracts a more mature clientele compared to the younger crowd who like to party on the Arenal.

The port of Javea dates back to the 15th century. It is an integral part of the lives of local fishermen who sell their freshly caught seafood to the owners of local restaurants and shops on the quayside.

During the summer, small but luxurious yachts can be seen moored in the marina.

In the port area, you’ll find apartments for sale close to the sea, offering superb views of the Mediterranean and the fishermen bringing in their catches.

apartment in javea port
Apartment for Sale In Javea Port

Villas in Javea

Because most of the Javea real estate in the port, Arenal, and the old town are apartments, you will probably have to move a little further out of town if you are looking for a dream villa in Javea. This is an essential point for buyers to consider, as most villas for sale are located on the outskirts of Javea, in the surrounding hills and countryside. There is not much in the way of public transport to the outlying urbanisations and more rural locations, so if you want to live in a villa, owning a car is necessary.

Like in the town, the outskirts of Javea consist of areas that vary significantly. The variations even include the weather, as depending on where you buy, you could be sheltered by hills or in a more exposed area where there is a constant breeze or wind.

The Montgo

Many people who want to live in a villa contemplate buying Javea real estate in the Montgo area. The Montgo Massif is a 753 metre impressive mountain that overlooks Javea. The mountain is referred to as ‘El Elefante’ by locals due to its remarkable likeness to the head and trunk of an elephant.

If you buy a property at the foot of the majestic Montgo mountain, you will have a short drive of around 7km to the centre of Javea.

Properties at the foot of the Montgo enjoy incredible views over the Javea valley; the plots are large, the villas spacious, and most homes face south.

Luxury villas in the Montgo area range from small two-bedroom properties to spacious family-size villas with four bedrooms and more. Many of the properties have a private pool and large garden. These homes are perfect for all-year-round living.

There is also the option of buying a plot on the Montgo to build the house of your dreams, exactly as you envision it. Most plots for sale in this area are at least 1500m2, so you don’t have to worry about your villa being too close to that of your nearest neighbour.

Cap Marti

Another popular area for villas buyers is the Cap Marti. This is a traditional Spanish area where many Spanish from the cities own second homes.
Cap Marti is a sought-after area for property hunters in Javea. Within Cap Marti is the urbanisation of Tosalet, a well maintained and established neighbourhood of Javea with spacious plots and some magnificent older houses. The homes here have their own style and, for the most part, are entirely different, unlike on some of the newer urbansiations, where each home is identical to the others in cookie-cutter fashion.


Adsubia is an area of Javea that contains the urbanisations of Pinosol, Sol de Este, Valle del Sol, Pinomar, La Finca, Las Laderas, and La Colina.

Absubia is located on a hillside, home to the well-known Cabo La Nao lighthouse, which offers magnificent views. The hillsides around the Cabo de Nao are scattered with some amazing villas.

Absubia is a popular area worth looking into because homes are close to the Arenal beach, yet the area is tranquil.

The Outskirts

If you travel away from the Arenal area and head out of Javea, you will pass through some attractive areas with more affordable villas than you’ll find on the Montgo, Cap Marti, or Adsubia.

Or, if you are a golf fanatic, you might want to own a luxury villa on one of the nearby urbanisations. Areas near the Javea golf club include La Lluca, Tesoro Park, Covatelles, Rafalet, Tarraula, and La Mandarina.

Javea Real Estate Rentals

Before committing to buying a property in any part of Javea, if possible, it’s always a good idea to rent a villa or apartment in the area so you can make an informed decision.

To learn more about the many beautiful areas in and around Javea, contact our friendly staff, who know the town inside out and can help you choose the best location for your family situation and budget.

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