Top 10 Benefits of Buying a New Build Property in Javea

During and after the Covid-19 lockdown, the property market trend seems to favour new build villas instead of second-hand or resell villas

So, if you are planning to buy in Spain, it’s a good idea to look at why many buyers prefer new developments. This post discusses the considerable benefits of buying new build property in Javea. 

Energy Efficiency

A brand-new home is often preferred because it is built according to the latest government guidelines on energy efficiency. Due to ingenious building materials and state-of-the-art appliances, all new build constructions in Spain have an “A” or “B” energy certificate. The lowest grade is an “F” and resale homes typically rate “D” or “E”, meaning you will be paying far more to heat or cool the home. 

A house with an “A” energy efficiency certificate will cost approximately €325 in electricity bills yearly. A similar-sized older property will cost around €1200 a year.

A modern construction’s primary energy efficiency attributes are thermal insulation, heat recovery and infiltration. These features stop cold air from entering the home. So, a new home uses less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

New Buildings Are In Line with New Demands

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many people acknowledged the limitations and flaws in their homes. Mainly, they realised the lack of indoor and exterior space. This led to a demand for properties with plenty of open space, providing fresh air and natural light. Furthermore, the need for spare rooms that homeowners could use to work from home increased.

Thus, lockdowns ultimately led to a greater interest in new houses and villas that meet stay-at-home needs rather than just offering shelter. 


In real estate investment, location plays a critical role. Typically, houses in towns and cities are built close to each other. In addition, city neighbourhoods are usually densely populated. However, new builds constructed on the outskirts of big cities are much less congested, giving the owners privacy and space, while still well-connected with the town or city amenities.

Our new build developments in Javea are spacious homes close to essential services like medical centres, commercial establishments, and the beach.


One of the best advantages of a new build is that everything is tailored to your style. New developments offer you absolute freedom to customise your home to your taste. In particular, you can pick the finishes and fixtures. You can also modify the plans.

New Constructions Offer Home Automation

Home automation is customary in a new made-to-measure home. Home automation lets you automatically control the electronic appliances in your home. The appliance is connected to the Internet, so you can control them via an app. For example, you schedule lights to turn off when you usually go to bed or program the aircon or heating to go on half an hour before you are due home from work. Home automation makes life very convenient and helps save money on bills. Automation can also improve security by accessing images from your security cameras and systems online. 

Affordable Payment Installations

Buying a new property in Spain requires a bigger investment than a typical resale villa. Moreover, buyers of a new build are required to pay extra taxes and fees. However, developers offer instalment plans for new builds.

You can apply for a mortgage because of agreements that developers have with banks in Spain. You start paying instalments while the house is under construction. Furthermore, you could even save money in the long run, compared to the expense of renovations and repairs that often arise in an older property.

A New Home is Unique

Buying a resale home often means buying a similar house, or even a cookie-cutter model, to others in the neighbourhood. These designs work for many, but every family has a set of unique needs. Building a house from scratch gives you the extravagance of customising the design inside and out to suit your lifestyle. 

Perfect Condition

Many resale villas and apartments in Javea are ready for occupation, but others need work before you can comfortably move in. The home could need repainting, the plumbing may not function as well as it could, and the kitchen and bathroom might need an update.

Resale housing often needs a certain amount of redesigning, as older Spanish villas were built before aircon was standard, and rooms were undersized with small windows to keep the hot sun out. Any unrenovated construction over 30 years old will likely require significant reforms to bring it up to date.

With new constructions, all is perfect, as every element is brand new. 

Enhanced Layout

As mentioned previously, builders in the past made bedrooms as small as possible because the most important room was the living room, where pre-Internet days, families would gather to watch TV, play board games or cards, and eat. In many cases, bedrooms only had enough space for a bed, a bedside table, and a small wardrobe. As a result, resale property buyers often need more space in the bedroom for a computer workstation and storage.

Home is meant to be the place where you can relax and unwind. For that, it is ideal to have an attractive garden, a play area for children, and a swimming pool. Usually, developers built older properties on a traditional layout plan where you had basic facilities. Thus, new builds are gaining popularity due to their great recreational features and up-to-date designs. 

Recently, estate agents have seen ample parking space, storage room, sports facilities, and a decent-sized garden are some of the major factors influencing the homebuyer’s decision.

Modern Spanish developers use contemporary design and consider foreign buyers’ preferences, as buyers from abroad make up a large percentage of buyers. Therefore, bedrooms in a new villa are much more user-friendly than in an older home. 

Surrounding Infrastructure

With resale housing, you are more likely to find apartments in older blocks without facilities or villas built on urbanisations with little to do nearby. In contrast, new constructions are designed with the community in mind, often in a gated zone with well-maintained gardens. There might be play areas for children and a gym or a spa.

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