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JP1312 D3066

Javea Apartment 3 Bed For Sale

Costa Blanca, Spain

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n/a 3 Beds 3 Baths
JP1226 apartment in javea 1 large 45

Javea Apartment 3 Bed For Sale

Costa Blanca, Spain

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169 M2 3 Beds 4 Baths

Types of Javea apartments

In Spain, there are many styles of apartments on the market, ranging from small one-room “estudios” which usually contain the living area and kitchen in a single space with a separate bathroom, to “pisos”. These large family-sized apartments are so-called because they often feature four bedrooms or even more and cover the entire floor (piso) of a building. Most commonly in a resort town like Javea, you will find apartments of two or three bedrooms, located in a communal block, often with a pool and garden area for resident’s use.

When buying an apartment, you can opt for a ground floor which is very handy if it is located in a building without a lift, and ground floor apartments often come with a private garden. Or perhaps you would prefer a penthouse with stunning sea or mountain views? In Javea all options are available to suit every budget.

Costs associated with buying an apartment

As with buying a villa, there are some additional costs and taxes you will have to pay on top of the purchase price when you buy an apartment. These vary depending whether you buy a brand-new apartment from a developer or a resale apartment from a private seller. If purchasing a new property, you will have to pay VAT and stamp duty and a transfer tax in the case of a resale property. There are also notary fees, lawyer fees, and where necessary, costs associated with applying for a mortgage to consider. Every transaction will be different, but to summarise, you should add between 12% and 15% of the purchase price to get a realistic idea of additional costs.

The community of owners

On buying a property on an urbanisation, or in a block of flats, you automatically become a member of what is known as the “Comunidad de propietarios,” or community of owners. This community will have a president, usually voted in, and is directed by an “administración de fincas” or a property administration company that oversees the running of the building and collects community fees from each owner.

The developer appoints the administration company at the time of construction, and specific rules will be established, which each apartment owner is expected to follow. These include what colour awnings can be used, if satellite dishes can be placed on balconies, what time residents can use the pool, etc. If a resident wants to see a change in the rules, he must propose the change at the community’s annual meeting, and the rule will be voted on by the members of the community. If a member owns more than one property in the building, he will have the corresponding number of votes.

You have to pay community fees at specified periods, which are used for the upkeep of the building, caretaker’s wages, etc. It is essential to stay on top of the payments because you must produce a certificate stating your payments are up to date in the event you want to sell the apartment. If an owner falls behind with the community costs, the property may be auctioned off to pay the debt, so make sure you are clear about how high the community fees are before you commit to buying an apartment. Apartments in a gated community with a pool, gardens, and a caretaker or cleaner will have higher community fees than a block without these features.

Apartment Pros and cons

While many people dream of owning a villa in Spain, apartment life can be more practical for others. Spain has one of the highest percentages of apartment dwellers in Europe, with nearly two-thirds of the population living in apartments.

If you are going away for some time, with an apartment, you can simply turn off the utilities in the flat, lock the door and forget about it. With a villa, the possibility of unwanted visitors in the way of burglars or even squatters is much more likely, and you will have to take measures to prevent this.

Apartments tend to be closer to the town centre, meaning you are close to schools, doctors, and shops. An apartment is also much easier to clean and maintain than a villa.



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